Vol.100(Suppl.I) March 2005


An International Symposium - June 6-7 2004 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Download article in PDF Nitric oxide as a regulator of inflammatory processes
- John L Wallace

Download article in PDF Nitric oxide: a major determinant of mast cell phenotype and function
- SD McCauley, M Gilchrist, AD Befus

Download article in PDF Regulation of endothelial derived nitric oxide in health and disease
- William C Sessa

Download article in PDF NO paradox in asthma
- Alexandre Castro Keller, Dunia Rodriguez, Momtchilo Russo

Download article in PDF Nitric oxide synthase activity and endogenous inhibitors in rats recovered from allergic encephalomyelitis
- SA Teixeira, AA Varriano, AA Dias, R Martins Porto, MN Muscará

Download article in PDF The pathogenesis of diabetic complications: the role of DNA injury and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activation in peroxynitrite-mediated cytotoxicity
- Levente Kiss, Csaba Szabó

Download article in PDF An overview of the effects of annexin 1 on cells involved in the inflammatory process
- Ahmad M Kamal, Roderick J Flower, Mauro Perretti

Download article in PDF New insights into the anti-inflammatory actions of aspirin- induction of nitric oxide through the generation of epi-lipoxins
- Derek W Gilroy

Download article in PDF Lipoxin agonists: turn right! to path of resolving neutrophil
- Pallavi R Devchand

Download article in PDF The balance between the production of tumor necrosis factor-a and interleukin-10 determines tissue injury and lethality during intestinal ischemia and reperfusion
- Danielle G Souza , Mauro M Teixeira

Download article in PDF Nitric oxide and the resolution of inflammation: implications for atherosclerosis
- Catherine A Shaw, Emma L Taylor, Ian L Megson, Adriano G Rossi

Download article in PDF Mechanisms of eosinophil cytokine release
- Christianne Bandeira-Melo, Peter F Weller

Download article in PDF Regulating inflammation through the anti-inflammatory enzyme platelet-activating factor-acetylhydrolase
- Hugo C Castro Faria Neto, Diana M Stafforini, Stephen M Prescott, Guy A Zimmerman

Download article in PDF CC-chemokine receptors: a potential therapeutic target for Trypanosoma cruzi-elicited myocarditis
- APMP Marino, AA Silva, PVA Santos, LMO Pinto, RT Gazinelli, MM Teixeira, J Lannes-Vieira

Download article in PDF Mechanisms for suppressing NADPH oxidase in the vascular wall
- Gregory J Dusting, Stavros Selemidis, Fan Jiang

Download article in PDF Hemopressin: a novel bioactive peptide derived from the a1-chain of hemoglobin
- Camila Squarzoni Dale, Rosana de Lima Pagano, Vanessa Rioli

Download article in PDF Lymphatic vessel contractile activity and intestinal inflammation
- Theresa F Wu, Wallace K MacNaughton, Pierre-Yves von der Weid

Download article in PDF P2X1 receptors and the endothelium
- LS Harrington, JA Mitchell

Download article in PDF Mechanisms of leukocyte lipid body formation and function in inflammation
- Patrícia T Bozza, Christianne Bandeira-Melo

Download article in PDF Mast cell changes in experimental diabetes: focus on attenuation of allergic events
- Vinicius F Carvalho, Emiliano O Barreto, Renato SB Cordeiro, Vincent Lagente, Marco A Martins, Patrícia MR e Silva

Download article in PDF Thymus involution in alloxan diabetes: analysis of mast cells
- EO Barreto, I Riederer, ACS Arantes, VF Carvalho, FA Farias-Filho, RSB Cordeiro, MA Martins, W Savino, PMR e Silva

Download article in PDF Selective PDE4 inhibitors as potent anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of airway diseases
- Vincent Lagente, Corinne Martin-Chouly, Elisabeth Boichot, Marco A Martins, Patrica MR Silva

Download article in PDF The role of interferon-g on immune and allergic responses
- Leonardo K Teixeira, Bruna PF Fonseca, Bianca A Barboza, João PB Viola

Download article in PDF Regulation of stem cell factor expression in inflammation and asthma
- Carla A Da Silva, Nelly Frossard

Download article in PDF Selective suppression of leukocyte recruitment in allergic inflammation
- CL Weller, PJ Jose, TJ Williams

Download article in PDF Local anaesthetic medication for the treatment of asthma
- Rodrigo A Siqueira, Jorge CS Costa, Renato SB Cordeiro, Magda F Serra, Patrícia MR e Silva, Marco A Martins

Download article in PDF Macrophage elastase (MMP-12): a pro-inflammatory mediator?
- Soazig Nénan, Elisabeth Boichot, Vincent Lagente, Claude P Bertrand

Download article in PDF Protease-activated receptors and inflammatory hyperalgesia
- Nathalie Vergnolle

Download article in PDF Role of protease-activated receptor-2 in inflammation, and its possible implications as a putative mediator of periodontitis
- M Holzhausen, LC Spolidorio, N Vergnolle

Download article in PDF Inflammatory effects of snake venom metalloproteinases
- Catarina de Fátima Pereira Teixeira, Cristina Maria Fernandes, Juliana Pavan Zuliani, Silvia Fernanda Zamuner

Download article in PDF Immunopathology of giardiasis: the role of lymphocytes in intestinal epithelial injury and malfunction
- AG Buret

Download article in PDF Neutrophil transepithelial migration: role of toll-like receptors in mucosal inflammation
- Titus A Reaves, Alex C Chin, Charles A Parkos

Download article in PDF Epithelial cell signaling responses to enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli infection
- Peter JM Ceponis, Jason D Riff, Philip M Sherman

Download article in PDF Good bug, bad bug: in the case of enteric inflammatory disease does the epithelium decide?
- Derek M McKay

Download article in PDF Epithelial effects of proteinase-activated receptors in the gastrointestinal tract
- Wallace K MacNaughton

Download article in PDF Beyond sepsis pathophysiology with cytokines: what is their value as biomarkers for disease severity?
- Fernando A Bozza, Patrícia T Bozza, Hugo C Castro Faria Neto

Download article in PDF Failure of neutrophil migration toward infectious focus in severe sepsis: a critical event for the outcome of this syndrome
- José Carlos Alves-Filho, Claudia Benjamim, Beatriz Martins Tavares-Murta, Fernando Q Cunha

Download article in PDF Heme and innate immunity: new insights for an old molecule
- Maria Augusta Arruda, Aurélio V Graça-Souza, Christina Barja-Fidalgo