Vol.101(Suppl.II) December 2006



Special issue dedicated to Ernesto de Mello Sales Cunha, dental pathologist from the Universidade Federal Fluminense,
Rio de Janeiro, who made pioneering contribution to paleopathology in Brasil









Young adult male buried in the cemetery of the first Spanish settlement at Estrecho de Magallanes (1584-1587), Sarmiento de Gamboa, Ciudad “Nombre de Jesús”. Photo by MX Senatore.


Download article in PDF Advances in Paleopathology: from phylogenetic analyses to ancient medical literature - An Editorial Foreward
- José Rodrigues Coura

Download article in PDF Introduction
- Mary Lucas Powell, Della Collins Cook

Download article in PDF Challenges of phylogenetic analyses of aDNA sequences
- Katharina Dittmar, Sheila Mendonça de Souza, Adauto Araújo

Download article in PDF Paleogenetic and taphonomic analysis of human bones from Moa, Beirada, and Zé Espinho Sambaquis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Anderson Nonato do Rosario Marinho, Newton Cardoso Miranda, Valéria Braz, Ândrea Kely Ribeiro-dos-Santos, Sheila Maria Ferraz Mendonça de Souza

Download article in PDF Tuberculosis in the New World: a study of ribs from the Schild Mississippian population, West-Central Illinois
- Jennifer Raff, Della Collins Cook, Frederika Kaestle

Download article in PDF Quantitative paleoparasitology applied to archaeological sediments
- Martín H Fugassa, Adauto Araújo, Ricardo A Guichón

Download article in PDF Pathoecology and paleodiet in Postclassic/Historic Maya from Northern Coastal Belize
- Christine White, Jay Maxwell, Alexis Dolphin, Jocelyn Williams, Fred Longstaffe

Download article in PDF Paleoparasitological remains revealed by seven historic contexts from "Place d'Armes", Namur, Belgium
- Gino Chaves da Rocha,Stephanie Harter-Lailheugue, Matthieu Le Bailly, Adauto Araújo, Luiz Fernando Ferreira, Nicolau Maués da Serra-Freire, Françoise Bouchet

Download article in PDF Parasitism in Kansas in the 1800s - A glimpse to the past through the analysis of grave sediments from Meadowlark cemetery
- Matthieu Le Bailly, Marcelo LC Gonçalves, Christine Lefèvre, Donna C Roper, Jeremy W Pye, Adauto Araujo, Françoise Bouchet

Download article in PDF Pintomyia (Pifanomyia) paleotownsendi, a new sand fly from the Miocene amber of Dominican Republic (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae)
- José Dilermando Andrade Filho, Alda Lima Falcão, Eunice A Bianchi Galati, Reginaldo Peçanha Brazil

Download article in PDF Patterns of tuberculosis in the Americas - How can modern biomedicine inform the ancient past?
- Alicia Kay Wilbur, Jane Ellen Buikstra

Download article in PDF The antiquity of tuberculosis in Hungary: the skeletal evidence
- Antónia Marcsik, Erika Molnár, László Szathmáry

Download article in PDF Paleopathology of the commoners at Tell Amarna, Egypt, Akhenaten's capital city
- Jerome C Rose

Download article in PDF Gauging differential health among the sexes at Windover (8Br246) using the Western Hemisphere Health Index
- Rachel K Wentz, Bryan Tucker, John Krigbaum, Glen H Doran

Download article in PDF Paleopathology and osteobiography of the people of Peñuelas, Chile's semiarid north
- Maria Araya Rosado, Jessica Vernacchio-Wilson

Download article in PDF Health at the time of Native-European contact in Southern Patagonia. First steps, results, and prospects
- Ricardo Aníbal Guichón, Jorge Alejandro Suby, Romina Casali, Martín Horacio Fugassa

Download article in PDF Infectious disease among enslaved African Americans at Eaton's Estate, Warren County, North Carolina, ca. 1830-1850
- Patricia M Lambert

Download article in PDF The girl from the Church of the Sacrament: a case of congenital syphilis in XVIII century Lisbon
- Sheila Mendonça de Souza, Sonia Codinha, Eugénia Cunha

Download article in PDF Symbolic trephinations and population structure
- László Szathmáry, Antónia Marcsik

Download article in PDF Broken noses for the gods: ritual battles in the Atacama Desert during the Tiwanaku period
- Andrea Lessa, Sheila Maria Ferraz Mendonça de Souza

Download article in PDF Caries prevalence in skeletal series - Is it possible to compare?
- Veronica Wesolowski

Download article in PDF Ancient medical texts, modern reading problems
- Maria Carlota Rosa