96(4) May 2001

96(4) May 2001

Short communication

Jorge Sosa +, Rafael Llanes, Daymi Guzmán, Ibrahín Quintana, Mayra Flores, Oderay Gutiérrez

PAGES 523-525 | DOI:

R Diaz +, RI Gomez, E RestrepoI, R RumbautII, J Sevy-CourtII, JA Valdivia, D van SoolingenIII

PAGES 437-443 | DOI:

Darío Vezzani, Nicolás J Schweigmann, Silvia M Pietrokovsky, Cristina Wisnivesky-Colli +

PAGES 459-466 | DOI:

P Gajate +, S Pietrokovsky, L Abramo OrregoI, O PérezI, A MonteI, J BelmonteII, C Wisnivesky-Colli

PAGES 473-477 | DOI:

Luciana Guerim +, Gilberto Salles GazêtaI, Nicolau Maués Serra-FreireI, Lilian Marques de SáII, José Luis Catão DiasII

PAGES 479-481 | DOI:

AJ Shelley +, APA Luna DiasII, M Maia-HerzogII, CA Lowry, PR GarritanoII, M PennI, M CamargoIII

PAGES 483-496 | DOI:

Yara M Gomes +, Valéria RA Pereira, Mineo Nakazawa, Daniela S Rosa, Maria das Neves DS BarrosI, Antonio GP FerreiraII, Edimilson D SilvaII, Sueli F Yamada OgattaIII, Marco Aurélio KriegerIV, Samuel GoldenbergIV

PAGES 497-501 | DOI:

Renata FA Pereira, Walquiria NS de Paula, Rita de Cássia N Cubel, Jussara P Nascimento* +

PAGES 507-513 | DOI:

Stefan Michael GeigerI III, Antônio Carlo Laitano, Charlotte Sievers-Tostes, Aventino Alfredo AgostiniII, Hartwig Schulz-KeyIII, Carlos Graeff-Teixeira +

PAGES 515-518 | DOI:

Helena CF Vasconcelos, Maria E MenezesI, Christian NielII +

PAGES 519-522 | DOI:

Nidia Acosta, Margarita Samudio, Elsa López, Fernando VargasI, Nina YaksicI, Simone Frédérique BrenièreII, Antonieta Rojas de Arias +

PAGES 527-533 | DOI:

Evandro MM Machado +, Deolino J Camilo Júnior*, Simone W Pinheiro*, Edison Reis Lopes*, Alexandre J Fernandes, João Carlos Pinto Dias, Sheila J Adad*

PAGES 545-548 | DOI:

C Cuéllar +, S Fenoy*, C del Águila*, JL Guillén

PAGES 549-553 | DOI:

Yamile B Alencar +, Thelma A Veiga LudwigI, Climéia C SoaresII, Neusa Hamada

PAGES 561-576 | DOI:

Alfredo Gutiérrez +, Gloria Perera, Mary Yong, Lin Wong

PAGES 577-581 | DOI:

Olga C Aulet de Saab, Marta C de Castillo +, Aida P de Ruiz Holgado, Olga M de Nader

PAGES 583-586 | DOI:


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