94(2) Mar/Apr 1999

94(2) Mar/Apr 1999

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Second Internet Conference on Salivarian Trypanosomes.


Alberto MR Dávila, Roberto Aguilar MS Silva

PAGES 189 | DOI:
Technical notes

Herton Helder Rocha Pires +, Érika Carime Borges, Regina Esteves de Andrade*, Elias Seixas Lorosa*, Liléia Diotaiuti

PAGES 147-149 | DOI:

Simone DG Petinate, Rosana M Martins, Rosalie RR Coelho, Maria Nazareth L Meirelles*, Marta Helena Branquinha, Alane Beatriz Vermelho +

PAGES 173-177 | DOI:

Márcio V Ramos +, Clarissa R Teixeira ++, Liezelotte R Bomfim ++, Socorro VF Madeira ++, Renato A Moreira*

PAGES 185-188 | DOI:

Jamie Stevens +, Wendy Gibson

PAGES 225-228 | DOI:

Belkisyolé Alarcón de Noya +, Carlos BalzanI, César ArteagaI, Italo CesariII, Oscar Noya

PAGES 139-146 | DOI:

Rodrigo Pedro Pinto SoaresI, Silvia Ermelinda BarbosaI, Jean-Pierre DujardinIII, Christopher John SchofieldIV, Ariovaldo Moura SiqueiraII, Liléia Diotaiuti +

PAGES 161-166 | DOI:

Yara M Gomes +, Frederico GC Abath, Mineo Nakazawa, Paola MinoprioI, Ioannis VouldoukisII, Loic MonjourII

PAGES 167-172 | DOI:

Ozcan Erel +, Abdurrahim Kocyigit, Vedat BulutI, Mehmet Salih GurelII

PAGES 179-183 | DOI:

Alberto MR Dávila +, Silvana S SouzaI, Cristiane CamposII, Roberto Aguilar MS SilvaIII

PAGES 199-202 | DOI:

Edmundo C Grisard +, Mário Steindel, Alessandra A Guarneri, Iriane Eger-Mangrich, David A CampbellI, Alvaro J RomanhaII

PAGES 203-209 | DOI:

Jorge Atouguia+, José Costa

PAGES 221-224 | DOI:

Katherine A Taylor +, Bea Mertens

PAGES 239-244 | DOI:

G Duvallet +, S de La RocqueI, JM Reifenberg, P SolanoI, T LefrançoisI, JF MichelI, Z BengalyI, I SidibeI, D Cuisance, G CunyII

PAGES 245-248 | DOI:

DE Rebeski +, EM Winger, B Rogovic, MM Robinson, JR Crowther*, RH Dwinger*

PAGES 249-253 | DOI:

Lúcia Padilha Cury Thomaz de Aquino, Rosangela Zacarias Machado +, Antônio Carlos Alessi, Luiz Carlos Marques, Márcio Botelho de Castro, Euclides Braga Malheiros

PAGES 255-260 | DOI:

Andrew Seidl +, Alberto MR DávilaI ++, Roberto AMS SilvaII


PAGES 269-272 | DOI:

Guy Hendrickx +, Ayitou NapalaI, David RogersII, Patrick BastiaensenI, Jan SlingenberghIII

PAGES 273-276 | DOI:


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