101(5) August 2006

101(5) August 2006

PAGES 463-580

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Chagas is a parasite vector genetic disease: the inoculation of Trypanosomacruzi in embryonated egg give rise to parasite free, kDNA-mutated chicken, which develop progressive Chagas disease similar to that seen in humans. Typical lesions are confluent rejection units, whereby the immune system mononuclear cells destroy the skeletal muscle, the parasympathetic nervous system, and the heart.


Antonio RL TeixeiraI,+; Rubens J NascimentoI; Nancy R SturmII

PAGES 463-491 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500001

Ana Carla Pozzi OliveiraI; Cristiane Suemi ShinobuI; Renata LonghiniII; Selma Lucy FrancoII; Terezinha Inez Estivalet SvidzinskiI,1

PAGES 493-497 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500002

Mônica de Castro Britto VilardoI; Jacqueline Darc da Silva ThoméI; Wagner Thadeu Cardoso EstevesI; Ana Luzia Lauria FilgueirasI,1; Selma Soares de OliveiraII

PAGES 499-501 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500003

Márcio Viana RamosI,1; Glaís de Paiva BandeiraI; Cléverson Diniz Teixeira de FreitasI; Nádia Accioly Pinto NogueiraII; Nylane Maria Nunes AlencarIII; Petrônio Augusto Simão de SousaV; Ana Fontenele Urano CarvalhoIV,1

PAGES 503-510 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500004

Virgínia MG SilvaII; Flábio R AraújoI; Claudio R MadrugaI,1; Cleber O SoaresI; Raul H KesslerI; Maria AO AlmeidaIII; Stênio P FragosoIV; Lenita R SantosII; Carlos AN RamosI; Gisele BacanelliI; Roberto AA Torres JúniorI

PAGES 511-516 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500005

Mohamad AsgharzadehI; Karen ShahbabianII,1; Jafar MajidiI; Ahmad Mirza AghazadehI; Cirus AminiIII; Ali Reza JahantabiII; Abdolnaser RafiIII

PAGES 517-521 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500006

Leonardo JM CarvalhoI,1; Maria F Ferreira-da-CruzI,2; Claudio T Daniel-RibeiroI,2; Marcelo Pelajo-MachadoII; Henrique L LenziII

PAGES 523-528 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500007

Gema Álvarez GarcíaI; Inmaculada López PérezI; Elisabeth InnesII; Esther Collantes FernandezI; Aurora Fernandez GarciaI; Mercedes Gomez BautistaI; Luis Miguel Ortega MoraI,1

PAGES 529-534 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500008

Luciano Mengatto; Yosena Chiani; María Susana Imaz1

PAGES 535-542 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500009

Claudiney Biral dos SantosI,1; Gustavo Rocha LeiteI; Paulo Augusto SessaI; Aloísio FalquetoII

PAGES 543-546 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500010

Ana NM da SilvaI; Carla CB SantosII; Raimundo N LacerdaII; Ricardo LD MachadoIII; Marinete M PóvoaII1

PAGES 547-550 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500011

Aline Paula Isolani; Catia Silene Sversuti; Ana Maria Sell; Ricardo Alberto Moliterno1

PAGES 551-553 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500012

Juliana de A MatosI,II; Danielle J MadureiraI; Maria C RebeloIII; Cristina B HoferII; David E BarrosoI,1

PAGES 559-563 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500014

Claudia S CopelandI,II,1; Fred A LewisIII; Paul J BrindleyI

PAGES 565-571 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500015

Evandro Amaral Trachta e SilvaI,2; Ivan LiterákII; Bretislav KoudelaIII,IV,1

PAGES 573-576 | DOI: S0074-02762006000500016

Alejandro Cruz-Reyes1; José Miguel Pickering-López

PAGES 345-354 | DOI: S0074-02762006000400001


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