101 (Suppl.II) December 2006

101 (Suppl.II) December 2006


Special issue dedicated to Ernesto de Mello Sales Cunha, dental pathologist from the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, who made pioneering contribution to paleopathology in Brasil


Mary Lucas Powell, Della Collins Cook

PAGES 5-7 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000002

Christine WhiteI,1; Jay MaxwellII; Alexis DolphinI; Jocelyn WilliamsIII; Fred LongstaffeIV

PAGES 35-42 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000007

Antónia MarcsikI,1; Erika MolnárI; László SzathmáryII

PAGES 67-71 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000012

Katharina DittmarI,1; Sheila Mendonça de SouzaII; Adauto AraújoII

PAGES 9-13 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000003

Anderson Nonato do Rosario MarinhoI,1; Newton Cardoso MirandaII; Valéria BrazIII; Ândrea Kely Ribeiro-dos-SantosI; Sheila Maria Ferraz Mendonça de SouzaIII

PAGES 15-23 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000004

Jennifer Raff, Della Collins Cook1; Frederika Kaestle

PAGES 25-27 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000005

Martín H FugassaI,1; Adauto AraújoII; Ricardo A GuichónIII

PAGES 29-33 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000006

Gino Chaves da RochaI,*; Stephanie Harter- LailheugueIII; Matthieu Le BaillyIII; Adauto AraújoI; Luiz Fernando FerreiraI; Nicolau Maués da Serra-FreireII; Françoise BouchetIII

PAGES 43-52 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000008

Matthieu Le BaillyI,1; Marcelo LC GonçalvesII; Christine LefèvreIII; Donna C RoperIV; Jeremy W PyeV; Adauto AraujoII; Françoise BouchetI

PAGES 53-56 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000009

José Dilermando Andrade FilhoI; Alda Lima FalcãoI; Eunice A Bianchi GalatiII; Reginaldo Peçanha BrazilIII,1

PAGES 57-58 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000010

Alicia Kay Wilbur1; Jane Ellen Buikstra

PAGES 59-66 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000011

Jerome C Rose1

PAGES 73-76 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000013

Rachel K WentzI,1; Bryan TuckerII; John KrigbaumII; Glen H DoranI

PAGES 77-83 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000014

Maria Araya Rosado1; Jessica Vernacchio-Wilson

PAGES 85-95 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000015

Sheila Mendonça de SouzaI,1; Sonia CodinhaII; Eugénia CunhaII

PAGES 119-128 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000018

László SzathmáryI,1; Antónia MarcsikII

PAGES 129-132 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000019

Andrea Lessa1; Sheila Maria Ferraz Mendonça de Souza

PAGES 133-138 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000020

Veronica Wesolowski1

PAGES 139-145 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000021

Maria Carlota Rosa*

PAGES 147-150 | DOI: S0074-02762006001000022


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