98 (Suppl.I), January 2003

98 (Suppl.I), January 2003


View of funerary urn, currently on exhibition at the Fundação Museu do Homem Americano, in São Raimundo Nonato, Piauí, Brazil, containing the burial of a child. The child died at approximately four years of age. This view shows the burial at the start of laboratory excavation. Note the preservation of the hair.


C Combes

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Arthur C Aufderheide

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Adauto Araújo +, Ana Maria JansenI, Françoise BouchetII, Karl ReinhardIII, Luiz Fernando Ferreira

PAGES 5-11 | DOI:

Sheila MF Mendonça de Souza +, Diana Maul de Carvalho*, Andrea Lessa

PAGES 21-27 | DOI:

Odile Loreille +, Françoise Bouchet*

PAGES 39-46 | DOI:

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Elaine Machado Martinez, Jorge Antonio Santos Correia, Erika Verissimo Villela*, Antonio Nascimento Duarte, Luiz Fernando Ferreira, Alexandre Ribeiro Bello* +

PAGES 59-62 | DOI:

Alena M Iñiguez +, Adauto Araújo*, Luiz Fernando Ferreira*, Ana Carolina P Vicente

PAGES 63-65 | DOI:

Alena M Iñiguez +, Karl J ReinhardI, Adauto AraújoII, Luiz Fernando FerreiraII, Ana Carolina P Vicente

PAGES 67-69 | DOI:

Françoise Bouchet +, Stéphanie Harter, Matthieu Le Bailly

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Marcelo Luiz Carvalho Gonçalves, Adauto Araújo +, Luiz Fernando Ferreira

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Stéphanie Harter +, Matthieu Le Bailly, Francis Janot ++, Françoise Bouchet

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Eun-Taek Han, Sang-Mee Guk, Jae-Lip Kim, Hoon-Jin Jeong*, Soo-Nam Kim*, Jong-Yil Chai +

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PAGES 195-205 | DOI:

Sérgio Augusto de Miranda Chaves +, Karl J Reinhard*

PAGES 207-211 | DOI:


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