101(6) September 2006

101(6) September 2006

PAGES 581-696

Cover image:
Rotavirus viroplasms (red) seem to be caged by a microtubule network (green) in infected cells (nuclei in blue).


Paulo Cesar BastaI; Maraníbia AC OelemannII; Walter MR OelemannIII; Leila de Souza FonsecaIII; Carlos EA Coimbra JrI,1

PAGES 581-584 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600001

María del Carmen Sánchez-GuillénI,II; Christian BernabéII,2; Michel TibayrencII,2; Jorge Zavala-CastroIV; José-Luis TotolhuaI; Julio Méndez-LópezIII; Martha-Elba González-MejíaIII; Enrique Torres-RasgadoI; Aurelio López-ColomboI; Ricardo Pérez-FuentesI,II,1

PAGES 585-590 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600002

Juan P TorrettaI,1; Pablo R MulieriIII,IV; Luciano D PatitucciII; Valeria A SanderIV; Patricia L RodríguezII,IV; Nicolás SchweigmannII,IV

PAGES 591-596 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600003

Claudio Cabral-Romero; Luis Padilla-Noriega1

PAGES 603-611 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600006

Edson LP CamandarobaII; Eliana AG ReisI; Mitermayer G ReisI; Sonia G AndradeI,1

PAGES 613-615 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600005

Martha L QuiñonesI,2; Freddy RuizI,1; David A CalleI; Ralph E HarbachII; Holmes F ErazoIII; Yvonne-Marie LintonII,1

PAGES 617-623 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600007

Flor HerreraI,1; Ludmel UrdanetaI; José RiveroI; Normig ZoghbiI; Johanny RuizI; Gabriela CarrasquelI; José Antonio MartínezII; Martha PernaleteI; Patricia VillegasI; Ana MontoyaI; Yasmin Rubio-PalisIII; Elina RojasIV

PAGES 625-633 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600008

Sheila R Wosiacki; Marlise P Claus; Alice F Alfieri; Amauri A Alfieri1

PAGES 635-638 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600009

L BarbosaI; LM SilvaII; PMZ CoelhoIII,IV; SR SantosII,III; CL Fortes-DiasII,1

PAGES 639-643 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600010

Indranil Bhattacharjee; Soroj Kumar Chatterjee; Soumendranath Chatterjee; Goutam Chandra1

PAGES 645-648 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600011

Clotilde Marín; Isabel Rodríguez-González; Manuel Sánchez- Moreno1

PAGES 649-654 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600012

Michel VF SucupiraI; Francisco CA MelloI; Eneida A SantosI; Christian NielI; Valeria C RollaII; Juçara ArabeIII,2; Selma A GomesI,1

PAGES 655-660 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600013

Maria de Lourdes Ribeiro de Souza da CunhaI,1; Ligia Maria Suppo de Souza RugoloII; Carlos Alberto de Magalhães LopesI

PAGES 661-668 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600014

Aurélia SaraivaI,II,1; Fabiana Aparecida da SilvaIII; Ângela Teresa Silva-SouzaIV

PAGES 669-672 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600015

Ana FB AndradeI; Michelle Oliveira-SilvaIII; Suely GC SilvaIV; Iara JF MottaIV; Cibele R BonvicinoII,III,1

PAGES 673-676 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600016

Beatriz BrenerI; Rogério TortellyII; Rodrigo Caldas MenezesIII; Luís C Muniz-PereiraI; Roberto Magalhães PintoI,1,2

PAGES 677-681 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600017

Rodrigo Caldas MenezesII; Rogério TortellyIII; Roberto Tortelly-NetoIV; Dely NoronhaI; Roberto Magalhães PintoI,1,2

PAGES 683-687 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600018

Renata C FerreiraI; Sheila A TelesII; Márcia A DiasI; Viviane R TavaresI; Simonne A SilvaI; Selma A GomesIII; Clara FT YoshidaIII; Regina MB MartinsI,1

PAGES 689-692 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600019

Guadalupe Beatriz Rodríguez-FuentesI,2; Roberto Cedillo-RiveraII; Rocío Fonseca-LiñánIII; Raúl Argüello-GarcíaIII; Onofre MuñozI; Guadalupe Ortega-PierresIII; Lilián Yépez-MuliaI,1

PAGES 693-696 | DOI: S0074-02762006000600020


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