Natural Products  

We emphasize that papers on development of Natural Products and Pharmacological Investigation papers must meet the following specifics criteria:

a) Any natural extract, fraction or compound should be fully characterized and information provided regarding origin, localization and period of the year when it was collected - specifically, the extract under study must have been fractionated and the active substances within the natural product identified;

b) Isolation or purification techniques must be described in detail;

c) Authors must state in their paper that the material under study is endotoxin free;

d) Cytotoxity assays with normal cells are required;

e) Plant Material (as well as other organisms) must be properly identified. The scientific name (in italic), the author of this name and the family must be given; it should be mentioned who identified the material. The manuscript must include references to voucher specimens of the plants (deposited in a major regional herbarium) or the material examined;

f)  Papers dealing with the biological screening of series of uncharacterized extracts of plants or other organisms will not be considered for publication in "Memórias";

g) Pharmacological investigations of extracts require detailed extract characterization. Chromatographic profiling (e.g., HPLC profile with at least major peaks identified) should be carried out, or qualitative and quantitative information on active or typical constituents should be provided;

h) Purely descriptive articles will not be considered. Characterization of mechanism(s) of action must be provided.

i) "Memórias" only considers manuscripts in which conclusions are based on adequate statistics. In each case positive controls (reference compounds) should be used and the dose/activity dependence should be shown;

j)  Any studies involving human subjects should have Ethic Institutional Review Board Approval. Protocol number should be informed

k) When working with experimental animals, reference must be made to principles of laboratory animal care or similar regulations and to approval by the local ethical committee;