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Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz welcomes the preprints!
Brazilian Scientific Journals: challenges, (dis)incentives and one fundamental question
The self-regulation of science: what is legitimate and acceptable
Up to date? The time lag for some XX century science discoveries to first appear in the pages of the Memorias (a journal dedicated to research on microbes and their vectors causing human infections)
Vectors, parasites and unlimited science newsflashes: pause for reflection?
Scientific journal publishing is too complex to be measured by a single metric: time to review the role of the impact factor!
Do you need assistance? Ask for a molecular chaperone!
Zika is not a reason for missing the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro: response to the open letter of Dr Attaran and colleagues to Dr Margaret Chan, Director - General, WHO, on the Zika threat to the Olympic and Paralympic Games
Abundance, distribution, diversity, resistance...: key words for vectors of infectious microorganisms
Please, sign here! Leishmania braziliensis infection and its microbial signature
Emerging infectious disease and fast-track publication: when public health gets priority over the formality of scholarly publishing.
In-house methods: do they still have a place in the modern laboratory?
Directly from the host: the road map for Onchocerca mitochondrial DNA analysis in Amazonian samples.
Noncanonical science reports: to whom and what for?
Protozoa parasites: mind the gap!
Long Time No See: parasites finally under the spotlight of the Nobel Prize in Medicine!
Memórias and the Journal Citation Reports
Emerging viruses and the “me too” of a ubiquitous trypanosome
The scientific challenges of Chagas disease: a chronological account based on the content of the special issues
Host parasite interaction: news from the bench!
The parasite goes away, the parasite comes back!
The long and winding road for methods in tropical medicine and parasitic research
Humans, mosquitoes and bacteria: competition and survival through bednet holes, ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters and interferon-Y
Drug Discovery, Genetic Diversity and Vector Resistance: the predictable uncertainty of Trypanosoma cruzi research
For the old malaria challenges, the new technologies!
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